Our NETZERO INC Foundation is a project group launched by experts from various fields under the environmental slogan Net Zero. We reorganized the NETZERO project to save the environment into an individual's focus, And built an ecosystem where we could use Blockchain and APP technologies to provide accurate compensation feedback. We want to put that passion into our project so that small efforts can create miracles that save the Earth



The goal of the NETZERO Project is to build a reliable platform that can justifiably compensate individuals for their efforts on the strong, reliable and secure technology foundation of Blockchain.

Personal Carbon Rights Consulting Services

We support a variety of carbon rights consulting for individuals participating in the ecosystem

Compensation of Blockchain Ecosystem

Build a blockchain ecosystem and an accurate compensation system for individual carbon rights

CRM and Environmental Donation

Participate in donation activities for environmental recovery, securing reliability through actual customer management and systematic management of carbon rights through global CRM.



Small actions for the environment are return fun and rewarded!

Personalized Environmental Protection

It can no longer be left to the state and businesses. It is time for individuals to step up.

Fun and reward

All activities are not sustainable without fun and rewards!

Active feedback support.

Sustainable solidarity

It should be easy to unite with the government, various companies, and environmental organizations, and all solidarity should be fed back to individuals.



01 Personal Scanning Service

The government encourages and supports various actions and participation methods that individuals can do for carbon neutrality. In order to provide this according to the individual's situation, it helps to check and verify the individual's condition.

02 Support for carbon consulting and training

We would like to consult on carbon rights (eco mileage, car mileage, and carbon points) that can be obtained based on scanned personal conditions. In addition, we would like to support individual education services for these carbon rights.

03 Netzero To Earn (N2E) & & Donation Service

After purchasing the NFT of the NETZERO-only app, if you actually commute by bicycle instead of by car, you can get a reward for Nzero Token like Carbon Point. A separate service is provided to donate the remaining amount of Nzero Token to the desired environmental organization.



Global CRM Services Alliance

Partner with Cloud CRM to manage customer information

Partnership with International Organizations (UN, ETC)

Recognized by international organizations based on carbon rights data measured by individuals

Partnership with environmental donors

Proceed with donation by converting Nzero Token donated by individuals into actual Fiat



Nzero Token is used as a reference point throughout the NETZERO Platform. It is also used for consulting applications, access to the privacy cloud, training services, and purchase and distribution of NFTs.

Platform Rewards

Nzero Token is awarded as compensation for carbon points by individual efforts.

conversion to carbon goods

Nzero Token can be converted to various carbon points provided by public institutions in the future.

Donations and Supplementary Services

Additional services such as indirect donations and Staking Rewards are available to Nzero Token.



NETZERO is a token developed distinctively based on BSC Chain. Detailed information of the Token is as below. The rest of the public and marketing tokens remained after the sales and block deal will be burn.

Item Amount %
Total Coin Issued(Coin) 1,000,000,000 100%
Public(General Distribution) 200,000,000 20%
Market Development (Business Development) 100,000,000 10%
Marketing 100,000,000 10%
Business Partners 100,000,000 10%
Team 200,000,000 20%
BITMIC Fund(Reverse Fund) 200,000,000 20%
Advisor(Consultant) 100,000,000 10%

Road Map

NETZERO Platform will do API/Data Service for various carbon-neutral DAPPs on its own Net Zero METAVERSE. This METAVERSE service will be opened in phases depending on the level of service completion and customer response.

2021. 08

  • Token Build
  • Private Sales

2021. 10

  • Launch PR Campaign for NETZERO sales

2021. 12

  • 1st Exchange Listing

2022. 02

  • Vietnam service office opened
  • Cambodia service office opened

2022. 04

  • NFT Metaverse Gallery
  • NFT Market Service Open

2022. 05

  • 2nd Exchange Listing NZERO
  • NZERO Staking Service Open
  • NZERO Platform 1.0 Open

2022. 10

  • Supernormal NFT 1.5 Minting
  • Photo-people NFT Minting

2023. 01

  • NETZERO APP Service Open
  • Metaverse Community Open
  • Multichain Token base